Our history

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Artisanal designer
of fine bathroom
fittings and fixtures

Oscillating between past and present, tradition and modernity, the VOLEVATCH endeavor is an unmistakably beautiful story. In 1975, during his flea markets strolls, Serge Volevatch - then intended to pursue a career as an urbanist - discovered a genuine admiration for period style bathrooms.

Since these days, Serge Volevatch has become an expert in the art of restoring antique bathroom fittings, creating his own brand around a unique principle: authenticity of style and modern function. While committed to the conservation of the French bathroom legacy, he occasionally lets his creativity free to revisit certain great classics.

Through his constant determination to protect an exemplary French craft industry, Serge Volevatch has evolved against the current of formatted contemporary logic. His work’s true value is found in the timelessness and excellence of an inherited know-how where beauty, technicality, and innovation are marvelously intertwined, offering the utmost pleasure to the content owners of his precious creations.